Japan’s scientist again go to one step ahead in robotics world. Now they make a world’s most advance robot name is Emiew 2.which is made by hitachi company.

About Emiew 2:

Hitachi makes this robot for a service robot with diverse communication functions that could safely co-ordinate with humans while conducting necessary service.Main purpose behind that of hitachi for office work will be easily available for all.

This robot size is 2 ft, and 7 inch and weight around 14 kg. Emiew 2 is able to travel at the same speed as humans as well as stop stably.             The 2-wheel 6km/hr high speed which is main feature of this..


Robust Voice Recognization:- Means that in office work the robot is recognize accurately human voices with serious noisy condition. The noises come from upper and lower, right and left, various directions.for that devlopers fit 14 microphone in that.

Idling controlling  is a important function to control idling of the wheel by the uncontrollability in the wheel jumping timing when the robot run over the step and it runs over through by it’s wheel in any where as a human speed.